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What to expect? 


First consultation

I aim to provide a safe, confidential, and relaxing space where you can be listened to. I will take note of your current situation, concerns, and relevant details to your case.  We will also explore your individual responses to things, both physical, and emotional as well as your lifestyle, medical history and family’s health. In homeopathy, we understand illness as a multi-dimensional phenomenon, brought on by internal disturbances that manifest in each person in a unique way. This will help me build up a well-rounded picture of you as an individual and not just of the current symptoms you are experiencing.

The homeopathic consultation is a gentle, yet thorough exploration of your physical and emotional  make-up and constitution. Many people find this an empowering and beneficial experience. I am to  facilitate this exploration in a way that is sensitive to your needs and which respects your boundaries  and wishes. I will have the utmost respect for you and your privacy throughout our journey together. 

After the first consultation, homeopathic remedies will be given, together with instructions on how to  take them. I sometimes prescribe herbs and supplements alongside homeopathic treatment to provide  extra support. I may also suggest various lifestyle changes if they will be of benefit to you. 

Consultations can be held in English or Arabic.

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Follow-up Consultations

Follow –up appointments are generally at a 4-week interval. The number of sessions you will require  depends on your individual situation. Follow-ups are an essential part of the treatment process and  enables me to thoroughly evaluate your reaction to the remedy previously prescribed, and to adjust the  next prescription accordingly. Changes in your energy, as well as physical and emotional patterns will  indicate how to continue the treatment at the pace most suited to your present health needs.

Telephone Support

Should you need advice or experience any marked symptoms while taking your remedies, I will be  available to discuss any issues that may arise between appointments. You are encouraged to text or call  and discuss any concerns.

Online Consultations

For international patients or for patients that are unable to come to my practice I can offer online  consultations via Video call or WhatsApp call in line with the stated rates. These are pre-arranged slots 

whereby the patient phones at an agreed time. Remedies will then be sent by post or you will be given a  prescription so you can get the remedies from your local homeopathic pharmacy. 

For more information about how I may be able to help you, contact me now to schedule your free mini  consultation.



What’s included in the homeopathic consultation?

The initial consultation will take up to two hours as you will be asked detailed questions about your health problem and how it affects you. It is important that you tell me what is troubling you. I will listen carefully and take comprehensive notes. At the end of the session I will decide on your prescription and give you the remedy. If I believe your case needs deeper examination, I will need to fully analyze your case after the session to decide which remedy is best for you. In this case the prescription can be collected from my practice or it will be sent to you by post.

My rates are as follows:

First Consultation: USD $100.00

Follow-up Consultations: USD $60.00

Rates include consultation and homeopathic remedies dispensed in tablet form. Additional items, such as a homeopathic cream or ointment and any extra supplements, are not included.

I offer any prospective patient a free initial 15-minute mini-consultation which will give you the opportunity to meet me and discuss briefly what you would like to achieve with homeopathic treatment. I want you to be entirely comfortable with your decision to let me help you to heal.

Please note: A homeopathic prescription cannot be made without taking your complete case history at a full consultation.


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