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What is Homeopathy? 


Homeopathy is a safe, effective system of natural medicine that is used by millions of people worldwide for more than 200 years. The healing method is suitable for physical, emotional and psychological complaints, both acute and chronic. Classical homeopathy stimulates and strengthens the self-healing ability of the body and mind. Instead of using allopathic (regular) medicines to suppress and combat symptoms, homeopathic remedies, prepared from natural sources, strengthen the body's own immune system so that the body heals itself and repels diseases.

Classic homeopathy is suitable for everyone from infants, children, adults, and pregnant women. Homeopathy is one of the best studied medicine and can be used in addition to regular treatment by the general practitioner or the medical specialist.

A homeopathic consultation is a holistic exploration session based on the fact that the human being is an integrated whole acting all the time through three distinct levels: the mental, the emotional, the physical - the mental level being the most important and the physical the least. So, when a human being is treated homeopathically, the three levels are taken into account to realize where the imbalance first occurred. Then the energy of the individual is matched to the energy of natural remedies in order to stimulate the vital force to heal itself. 

The Vital Seed Homeopathy


Each person is considered as a unique individual: people that come with a similar disease may end up receiving different remedies.

The Vital Seed Homeopathy

Why Choose Homeopathy? 


Living with 21st century problems requires 21st century solutions - Homeopathy is the natural choice for it. It offers a real opportunity to turn your health around the natural way by using safe yet powerful medicines to put you back in charge of your health.

Homeopathy acknowledges that an illness does not necessarily have one single cause that acts similarly in all of us, that everything about our health is interconnected and that we can help our body heal itself.

Homeopathic remedies are:

The Vital Seed Homeopathy
The Vital Seed Homeopathy


What Can You Treat with Homeopathy? 


Homeopathy is a natural healing method for people with a diagnosed illness and also for those who have symptoms which cannot be attributed to specific diseases. It suits people of any age and in any circumstances or stages of life. This can be anything from an acute cold all the way to a rheumatic disease. Here are some examples:

  • Impaired immune system

  • Allergies, hay fever

  • Recurrent cold, chronic sinusitis

  • Headaches, migraines 

  • Over or underweight

  • Hormonal disorders

  • Menstruation disorders

  • Illness during pregnancy

  • Post-surgery recovery

  • Detoxification of harmful substances such as corticoids, antibiotics, contraceptives

My practice also specializes in Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT). The HDT method strips the body of toxic substances and is brought back into balance making it possible to treat a range of diseases. With HDT, long-term vague complaints and severe chronic diseases and disorders can greatly improve such as:

  • Asthma

  • Eczema

  • PMS

  • AD (H) D

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Autism

  • Lyme

  • Epilepsy

  • Diabetes type I and II

The Vital Seed Homeopathy


The acute and chronic consequences of vaccinations can be eased as well.  

The Vital Seed Homeopathy
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