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The Vital Seed Homeopathic Clinic

The Vital Seed

Homeopathy for All

 Welcome to your tailored journey of holistic healing! 

Your First Time?

In our busy high-tech and artificial world, our bodies and energies tend to lose balance.

Although we try to live as healthy as we can, more and more of us are beginning to experience a general decline in our overall health with an increase of symptoms we never had before. 

My aim is to help you rebuild your health both physically and emotionally.

Homeopathy Randa Ajami


Homeopathy is the ultimate bespoke treatment tailored just for you. In my consultations, I look at all aspects in a patient’s life, not just at the presenting complaints.


In addition to the homeopathic advice and remedies given, you benefit from support, encouragement and advice on lifestyle management, nutrition and other ways to take care of yourself. 

Homeopathic Clinic
The Vital Seed Homeopathy
Randa Ajami

About Me

Hello! My name is Randa and I am a professionally qualified classic homeopath practitioner. 

My education coupled with my international travel has deeply influenced my interest in the human body and medical science on one hand and in combining conventional medicines and complementary therapies on the other. 

Learn more about my holistic healer journey and my homeopathic practice.

Homeopathy Consultation

Book Your Free Intro Session

I hope through my website you get inspired to let me support you as you navigate and renovate your health. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to book your free 15-minute mini consultation.

Homeopathy Online Consultation

Success Stories 


“After going to Randa, I thought, this is going to be life changing. 
I have someone that understands me. She's going to help me. 
She's giving me the healing that I need.” 

—  Maya

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